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Pilates kit

Equip yourself with top Pilates gear from Lucy Purrier’s shop. Discover mats, bands, and more to support your journey to better health and flexibility.

Everything you will need for my classes. Each item links through to the APPI Health Group website using my secure affiliate link and supports me with 10% of each purchase. Thank you.

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APPI Jute Pilates Mat


1” Pilates Head Pad and Cover Blue


3” Pilates Head Pad and Cover Blue


Pilates Leg Band


7” Soft Pilates Ball


APPI Massage Balls (Pair)


Favourite pilates kit

These are my personal favourites and are optional. The pads,  weights and circle will add further challenge to my Pilates classes. The roller is lovely for home practice.

Blue High Density Foam Roller


Oval Balance Pads (Pair)


APPI 0.5kg Dumbbells (Pair)


Pilates Circle


APPI 1kg dumbbells (pair)


Pilates mat carrying bag


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Silver package

£10 a month

Gold package
Summer term

Mondays £132
Tuesdays £154
Thursdays £143