I am fully recommended by Poole Hospital NHS Physiotherapists

Prices for Lucy’s physio led pilates/chairlates classes

All my classes are suitable for beginners

Contact me to start anytime!

Trial class

   Choose one pilates/chairlates class

   Physio advice that class


4 Trial classes

   Choose 4 pilates/chairlates classes

   Physio advice for those classes


Silver video package

Starts 1st of each month

   Access 70 pilates/chairlates videos

  Physio advice in term time

   Weekly email with tips & reminders in term time

£10 per month

Gold class package

Autumn Term
 9th Sept to 19th Dec 2024

   Choose 15 pilates/chairlates classes

Bookings and class changes made personally with Lucy

   Access 70 physio led pilates/chairlates videos

  Physio advice in term

   Weekly email with tips & reminders

  Priority booking for the next term


Unsure if this is what you need?

Why not try a taster session for £12 before you commit to the whole course?

Silver package details

Starts 1st of each month. Paid monthly.

Physio led pilates and chairlates video library

Titles of videos:

Pilates spine     Chairlates spine

Pilates strength    Chairlates strength

Pilates balance     Chairlates balance

Pilates  back/pelvis/hips/tummies  Chairlates back/pelvis/hips/tummies

Pilates upper bodies        Chairlates upper bodies

Pilates for the pelvic floor

Pilates for walking and running

I email you the link and password so you can access my physio led pilates and chairlates library to watch anytime as many times as you wish during the month. As per physio guidelines, I ask you to complete a health questionnaire to plan and give guidance during the videos for different health conditions to be safe for all. My physio led pilates and chairlates videos are foundation level suitable for beginners and improvers. I always encourage you to work at the right level for your body and give options for some of the exercises using small equipment to support or challenge. If you are unsure of an exercise in the video you can contact me during the month to get physio and/or pilates advice.

Gold package details

Get all from previous package Including;

Choose once a week classes or flex your classes (gold package) during the course. Attend my physio led Pilates classes in Ashley Cross, Broadstone or on zoom. Attend my physio led chairlates classes in Ashley Cross. As per physio guidelines, I pre-screen all my clients with a health questionnaire and give guidance and choices during my classes depending on health conditions and ability levels. I teach Physio led Pilates and chairlates classes that are foundation level. These are suitable for beginners, improvers and those who have been learning with me for years. Small equipment is used for some of the exercises to support or challenge. I give options if you don’t have the equipment to start with or if it doesn’t feel right for you.

Trial class details

If you are new to my classes. Try one or try four of my Physio led Pilates or Chairlates Classes in Ashley Cross, Broadstone or on zoom with my physio support for the class. Pre-screening with a health questionnaire to keep you safe. Try before you book for the rest of the course.